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Promoting New Hampshire

800px-New_HampshireNew Hampshire combines an innovative, diversified economy with the highest ranked quality of life experience in the U.S.

New Hampshire is a great place to start a business, find exciting opportunities with growing companies, raise a family or spend your golden years enjoying our beautiful seacoast, mountains, lakes, charming cities and picturesque New England towns. New Hampshire is positioned to thrive in the new, creative economy.

Our goal at the New Hampshire Brand Project is to share our state’s strengths through a nationally syndicated radio show and dedicated social media outlets. Considering moving to NH? We have developed a network of community connectors to assist you. Your questions are always welcomed. Contact us. 

Meet the Team:


Michael Cameron - Founder/Radio Show Host

Michael has over 25 years of experience promoting and recruiting New Hampshire/New England based companies, with over 3,000 professionals and executives recruited, placed or coached throughout his executive recruiting career. Over the past 3 years he has interviewed numerous CEOs, small business owners and people making a difference on both terrestrial (WXEX AM & FM), WSCA 106.1 FM and internet radio (UR Business Network).

The New Hampshire Brand Project combines national programming, audio content and social media outreach to increase awareness for the Granite State’s business-friendliness and quality of life. Many countries around the world are developing initiatives to retain and attract hi-tech workers and creative professionals. The New Hampshire Brand Project radio show and social media channels are helping our state compete for the job creators, hi-tech workers and retirees looking for a place to call home. For more information on how you can get involved, contact Michael@NHBrand.com.


Kristi Baxter - Radio Show Co-Host

Kristi is an executive and leadership coach who works with executives and their teams to achieve their potential and thrive in today’s complex and challenging business environment. She assists organizations and leaders across diverse industries to maximize their individual and collective performance to do more than they believe they are capable of doing. Kristi believes communication, self-awareness and ability to develop and foster relationships are critical in driving leadership success. Leaders value Kristi’s ability to quickly connect with individuals, listening skills, insights and proficiency in reframing issues to gain a clearer perspective. Prior to becoming a coach, Kristi was a seasoned marketing and brand management executive at The Walt Disney Company, Frito-Lay and The Coca-Cola Company where she gained valuable insight and experience with exceptional leaders and high potential individuals. Kristi and her family moved to New Hampshire over a decade ago and have fallen in love with it. New Hampshire provides a natural playground for our favorite activities, hiking, boating, skiing and enjoying the outdoors. New Hampshire is an undiscovered gem, with wonderful people, a strong sense of community and dynamic business environment. We came for business and want to stay for life!


Trinnie Houghton - Radio Show Co-Host

s an executive coach, Trinnie Houghton works with business owners and executives to inspire their leadership in organizations. She believes that relationships – externally and internally – are key to any successful leadership, and ultimately to the sustainability of an organization. With this in mind, Trinnie serves as a guide, specializing in communication and relationship management, and inspiring innovative leadership. Trinnie is a trained facilitator and mediator, and has worked with high-level key decision makers and entrepreneurs in the United States, Europe and Asia. Prior to becoming an executive coach, Trinnie worked as a civil litigator in Boston, Massachusetts, handling a variety of cases at the state and federal level. Trinnie came to New Hampshire because it inspired her. She found that New Hampshire reflected her heart best – in its mountains and lakes, its education for her children, and its businesses on the cutting edge of organizational culture and human sustainability.


Jeffrey Litcofsky - Strategic Marketing & Web Development

Jeff Litcofsky is an experienced marketing professional and website developer. Jeff has been working in the corporate environment for over 25 years managing and directing strategic marketing initiatives for several globally recognized consumer electronics brands, including Boston Acoustics, Denon, and Marantz, to name a few. After a short stint with an audio brand start-up founded by consumer electronics industry veterans, Jeff decided to take a different career path to focus on delivering website development and strategic brand advisory services to businesses globally.


Rick Coste - Podcast Manager

Rick Coste writes, produces and hosts the ‘Evolution Talk’ podcast (http://evolutiontalk.com). ‘Evolution Talk’ was launched in 2014 and currently has an audience in over 90 countries (and counting). He has also produced three other shows and is passionate about the medium and helping others move into the space. As with all of his shows his goal is to both educate and entertain by combining stories from the past with today’s technology (and a few talented voice actors!)."